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My goal is to help you create a home environment where you can slow down and enjoy those precious simple moments. You won't find perfect here. You'll find marble with a bit of etching from that glass of wine, kids rooms where they want to PLAY, and kitchens with trash cans in normal places. I guarantee it will be beautiful and feel like you. Ultimately that is what it is all about, design that is unique to who you are, where you live, and how you live. Homes should be a perfect balance between functional and beautiful and never sacrificing for the other. I will bring together your style and functional design throughout your home and create moments throughout that say "this is me." A place that makes you immediately comfortable and safe the moment you step in the door. It is imperative that I learn about you as a person and how you live. It is one of the greatest parts of getting to work for my clients. I love the relationships that form from getting to know all of these families. 

my approach

Choosing to trust melissa with our design was a seamless process. From the initial conversation to beautiful plan complete with samples that arrived at our door we couldn’t be happier. Melissa was able to embrace our current space and compliment the existing elements with a design that made perfect sense. The peaceful and cohesive energy that her design brought to our masterbath was life changing! I loved seeing it come together!

Frances V

‘The peaceful and cohesive energy that her design brought to our space was life changing!’

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